Temple Plot Houdou

Houdou (The Public Chamber)
(designated a national treasure in 1997)

The chamber was completed around 1655-1657. The chamber spans about 616 square meters.
The Hinoki structure is different from the Buddhist Temple due to Daiken's influence.

The structure of the priest's chamber is the traditional style of Japanese residential architecture and consists of six rooms. Inside the room is a shrine and a Buddhist altar. The interior has wood floors covered completely with tatami mats. The left part of the room has a bed, shelves, a writing alcove and an upper tier (raised floor), but please notice in particular, the construction of the shelves. The center two rooms have a coffered ceiling with flowers drawn by brush depicted on it. Also the shrine has a sliding screen and wall made from expensive gold foil.
In addition, the transom carving is rich in ingenuity and you can see the bold techniques, which is also the early Edo techniques expressed in the excellent works. Overall, the large build of the structure and the wide front face and wooden corridor, which was originally a dirt floor, truly show the magnificence of the feelings that the structure gives you.

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