Temple Plot Butsuden
Butsuden (The Buddhist Temple)
(designated a national treasure in 1997)

According to the munafuda note (staked to a building's ridgepole at the time of construction) this Buddhist temple was erected in 1659.
This Buddhist temple, and also other examples nationwide, has a very unique and precious architecture. It is considered to be perhaps one of Yamagami Zenemon Yoshihiro most dedicated and heartfelt masterpieces. At the center of the temple, standing on top of the altar, you can see such a beautiful sight that words cannot describe. For example, looking at the exterior, you can see that the roof is thatched with lead plates. It is easy to see that the temple ranks among the precious and beautiful structures in all of Japan.
The construction is done systematically and the arrangement is similar to a folding fan and presents a genuine appearance of Zen architecture, which makes it a place where you cannot avoid noticing the architecture. One step into the temple and the first noticeable thing is the pillar arrangement. Furthermore, the elegant curves of the ceiling, with their complexity, certainly brings a profound feeling that can only be felt here; few other places hold such wonder. The materials are entirely the quality lumber of Japanese zelkova. On the other hand, andesite is used for the Buddhist platform. The elaborate craftsmanship of the wooden floors are also very beautiful.
As for the statue of Buddha, more than 300 years ago, materials were imported from China. The priceless Shakyamuni, Manjusri, and Samantabhadra were also enshrined. Also the priestly reed hood, which in those days were weaved with lotus fiber and silk, is worthy of being noticed.

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